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Making Payments Through SHOP in App

2021/07/22 07:39:39

As the main banks continue to upgrade their 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security procedures it has caused some issues within the 3D Secure process for some card holders. Your bank must have a mobile number assigned to your Debit/Credit card in order to send you the OTP (one Time password) via SMS/Text Message. If your bank does not have a mobile number assigned to your card this verification process cannot be completed and you may not be able to make payment if 3D Security checks are implemented. The Unique Schools App Team are developing an option for parents to overcome some of the incorrect “Payment failed" errors being generated by the banks. You will be able to complete the payment on a desktop or laptop browser. This feature will be live within the next 2 weeks and we will notify you of this. Queries - If you are experiencing any difficulty making a payment please contact Unique Schools: Email - Phone - 01 88 69458 (Monday to Friday 09:30- 16:00)

SciFest Awards

2021/07/08 10:49:00

Congratulations to our TY students who won 7 awards in SciFest 2021! Lucy Noonan and Joanna Ryan won two major awards and placed first in their category, Keelin Murphy won a major award and placed second in her category and Emma McAndrew received a runner-up major award and placed third in her category. Well done to you all girls we are so proud of your achievements!

1st Year Students 2021 - Student Devices

2021/07/08 08:44:34

Dear Parents/Guardians, Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your device after ordering from Wriggle. To make sure that you have it in time for the new school year please order before July 16th. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact

Re-opening arrangement / School Calendar

2021/07/02 13:39:33

Please see attached Re-opening arrangements / School Calendar

PE Tracksuits

2021/06/24 13:25:28

Hi all, Please direct all queries about the tracksuit to Again we are aware of the issues with the app and notifications, if you have paid and are still getting notifications you can ignore them. If it won’t accept payment, enter 00 into the form and we will sort payment in September. If you need a copy of the order form please use the above email. The app is just used for payment so don’t worry about the labels on it that has nothing to do with your order, the order of the sizings of the tracksuit is through the form.

1st Year Students September 2021 Important School Information

2021/06/24 12:48:07

Please see attached important School information for incoming 1st year Students.

PE Tracksuit

2021/06/23 10:17:23

A gentle reminder that Friday is the last day to order your PE Tracksuit. If you are waiting on a tracksuit from last year or ordering a new tracksuit it is essential that you have filled out the order form which are on the students teams pages or have been emailed to incoming first years. If you do not have the form please email me at and I can send it to you. If you ordered last year and cannot find 5 digit code please just put 00 into the form. Unless the order form is filled out, I cannot guarantee that the tracksuit will be in before October midterm. If the order form is filled in the tracksuits will be in on the first week of school. We are aware that there have been issues with payments on the app in the last few days which we are trying to rectify. In the meantime, you can email me on the above email and we can sort it out.

5th Year Book List 2021-2022

2021/06/18 09:14:47

Parent (s) / Guardian (s) 5th Year Student 2021-2022. Please see Book List attached.

FAO: First Year Students/Parent(s)/Guardian(s) - Important Covid-19 Information

2021/06/06 14:13:58

The school has been notified of a positive case of Covid-19 in the 1st year year group. Close contacts will be contacted by the school and also by the HSE in due course. Pupils should only attend for a Covid-19 test if notified by the HSE to do so. The HSE will most likely contact close contacts on Monday, June 7th to arrange tests. Unless contacted by the school and/or the HSE, pupils are considered casual contacts.

App Payment Message

2021/06/02 11:38:22

All app users received a message from the app about items that have been added to the shop. They aren’t specific to you. If you haven’t ordered or don’t intend to order anything, there is no further action required.

School Tracksuit - New Orders

2021/06/02 11:01:59

Dear Parent/Guardian, Due to circumstances beyond our control there was an order of tracksuits not delivered last year. We understand there are concerns that students have grown since the order was placed so we are doing a full new order that will be delivered on the first week of school in August/September. If you are happy with the order that you put in, please fill in the form again as the order form will be sent to the tracksuit company. If you can’t remember/can’t locate order form, enter 00 and we will check with app company. If you wish to get a refund that can also be arranged. Please email If you wish to order a new tracksuit, it is a two step process: 1. Pay via the app (€82- 10/11, 13 €102 - S,M,L €40 half zip only) 2. Fill in the order form (the tracksuit will not be ordered if you do not fill in the order form) At this time, it is possible to purchase the half zip only. If you wish to purchase a pants or t-shirt only you will find them uncrested on the O’Neills website and these will be delivered directly to you. Links to the order forms have been posted to your daughter’s Teams page. If you cannot find them your daughter can message me on Teams or email The order will be placed on Friday 25th of June so all order forms must be complete by this date to ensure delivery in August. Due to Covid 19, we are unable to size students but there is an O’Neills size guide. O’Neills are also in most sports shops. The pack includes - pants, t-shirt and half zip all initialled and crested. - Adult Sizes - Kids Sizes This message has also been posted on the student’s Teams group.

Senior Hockey

2021/05/28 14:08:10

A final farewell to this amazing bunch of Hockey players. These 6th years have been committed even through the toughest of times and its been a absolute pleasure to work with them over the past few years. The hockey department wishes ye all the best of luck in whatever you decide to do in the future and hope that you continue to enjoy hockey for many years to come.

Companionship Award 2021

2021/05/26 17:46:45

Congratulations to Fiona Kinnevane, this years recipient of the Companionship Award. Very well deserved

School Uniform Sale

2019/08/01 09:07:25

Reminder School Uniform Sale on Tuesday 13th August 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Uniform donations may be dropped into School Reception from Monday 12th August.