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Principal’s Message

Well done to all the Fifth Years who worked so hard in producing this excellent Yearbook for us to enjoy. The Fifth Years have put time and energy into creating this marvellous book which encapsulates life in Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ on a daily basis. The experience which students have gained in producing this Yearbook will stand to them throughout their years in university and in their lives.

Many thanks to all the teachers who allowed students the time to work and organize the Yearbook especially Ms. Thompson, Ms. Crowe, Ms. Leo, Ms. Sheehan, Ms. Ronan, Ms. Dee, Ms. O’Farrell, Ms. Ní Anragáin, Ms. Creavan, Ms. Conneely, Ms. O’Grady and Ms. Maher. I acknowledge with special thanks our advertisers who have supported the school in many aspects of school life throughout the year, especially in the hard economic times that prevail.

I would like to thank each member of the FCJ order for their wonderful work over the years and for their kind generosity and the ‘Le Chéile’ Trust, which will now continue to promote the ethos which the FCJ sisters established in 1844.

The Board of Management, which works so hard on your behalf too, is also due a vote of thanks under Chairperson Mr. Jerry Cronin, as are the Financial Sub-Committee members, the ancillary staff, Students’ Council, Head Girls, Games Captain, Deputy Head Girls, Deputy Games Captain, Senior Prefects, Sports Council, Environmental Committee and every student who has contributed to Laurel Hill over the years.

This Yearbook is a reminder of all the extra-curricular activities in which students participated throughout the year. So often schools are judged on results and we are proud of our national ranking, which puts Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ in the top ten schools in Munster. However school is much more than results and this Yearbook will always be a reminder to me of how privileged we are to have such wonderful students and dedicated staff who volunteer their free time to do all the extra-curricular activities that are described in our Yearbook.

As Principal, I am astonished by the support I have received from parents, students and staff. This is a time of incredible change for you and indeed for me as your Principal. However it is also a time of wonderful opportunity and hopefully we will be successful with our planning application for the new astro-turf hockey pitch which we hope to build soon.

Finally, what an achievement for the Sixth Years and their families to have made it this far! As you now leave, we are encouraged that you have reached your potential and that you are well prepared for university and the life that awaits you. We were honoured and privileged to be able to hold your hands over the past six years and now we watch with pride as you fly away from us. I wish the Sixth Years class of 2012 the best of luck in the years ahead and I hope everyone has a very happy summer.

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  • It’s finally the Easter holidays and we here at Topbutton are delighted to be on our two week break. This term has been a great one for Laurel Hill and we hope that the next term will be just as good. Even though we are delighted to be on break, unfortunately their will be no […]

  • We would like to say a huge congratulations to the Senior A tag rugby team. The girls won their matchs in the league and the points drew with St. Mary’s so the girls had to play them in a nail biting final match. Throughout the match the scores were close and in the referee the […]

  •   Why miss an opportunity to make a holiday a really special day? Not only is this Easter basket cake a terrific alternative to the store-bought plastic variety, it’s also one of our cutest and most inventive cakes. Did I mention that it’s also easy to make? What you’ll need1-lb., 2.25-oz. box yellow cake mix1-lb. […]

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Well done to the Fifth Years who have put time and energy into creating this marvellous book which encap- sulates life in Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ on a daily basis.



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