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Subject Choice is often referred to as Decision time!

You are moving into the Leaving Cert cycle and some major decisions have to be made by you. This may be the first time you have the chance to choose which subjects you want to study.

It’s important that you to choose your subjects carefully as this could affect what you do in the future. You might already know which subjects you enjoy or have some career ideas. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do in the future. As long as you choose a good balance of subjects now, It should leave all your options open. Just remember to consider all the facts and ask for help if you need it. Subject choice is often regarded as a minefield. Course and entry requirements not checked by you, the student, can have serious consequences. It must always be pointed out to students that the onus is on you to check the requirements for each of the courses in which you have an interest. To this end you should go to the Minimum Subject Module in Qualifax. This module will enable you to see the consequences of taking or not taking any particular subject. To start with, students must consider the options open to you after the Junior Cert. The implications of each option should be carefully studied to see which one suits one’s potential best. Apart from the advice available in school, parents should be kept informed.

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