Madame d'Houet (1781-1858)
Madame d’Houet (1781-1858)

Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ traces its distinguished history back to 1844 when the Bishop of Limerick invited FCJ Foundress Marie Madeleine d’Houet to open a school. By the following year the Faithful Companions of Jesus had purchased the Laurel Hill property on magnificent grounds in Limerick. School life began with 33 day pupils and 11 boarders.

Over the next 160 years Laurel Hill expanded and evolved as part of the FCJ international network of educational establishments to become a leading school in Ireland.

With the setting up of a Board of Management in 1997 the school moved easily into a new era that looks confidently forward while embracing the finest traditions of the past.

Laurel Hill boasts a long and proud tradition of over 160 years of Christian Education. In 1846 the European Dream found a home in Laurel HIll. The rich linguistic aesthetic, religious and cultural heritage of Europe, brought here by the Foundress and the early Companions, blended with the strong Celtic traditions of our people. Inspired by this dream Laurel HIll students have been greatly enriched over the years through their education for life and for European and World Citizenship.

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