Pastoral Care

As a school, Laurel Hill Secondary School continues to build on the values of the F.C.J. companionship, respect and justice and work together to create an educational community that reflects these values. We strive for each student to be happy and secure here and reach her potential in a caring and cooperative community. We are supported in our work by the Board of Management, Parent and Student Council.

We continue to work in partnership with our parents so that through the experience of student life in this school, each individual will become mature, responsible and self-disciplined. Our Pastoral Care Team consists of Tutors, Year-heads, Guidance Counsellor, School Chaplain, SEN Co-ordinator, Junior and Senior Pastoral Care Teams and Senior Leadership Team.

The Code of behaviour in consultation with students, Parents, teachers and Board of Management sets out the behaviour that is expected and all students, staff and parents are encouraged to be vigilant in the recognition and reporting of all inappropriate behaviour. The Code of Behaviour seeks to encourage an awareness of companionship, equality, inclusion and ensure that each individual is respected and that she is free to develop her own particular gifts and talents.

Each member of staff is furnished with the Child Protection Policy (school website) which contains the names of the designated liaison person, James Collins and the Deputy Liaison Person Diarmuid Byrnes. A copy of the DES publication, Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools is emailed to all staff at the beginning of each academic year.

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