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Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ is a voluntary non-fee paying post-primary school. Funding is received from the Dept. of Education through the receipt of an annual capitation grant and our present enrolment is 715 students. Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ has a long tradition in Catholic Education for girls between the ages of 12 and 19 in a safe and caring learning environment.

Educational Provision for students with Special educational needs is maintained with additional support in the school.

The characteristic spirit and general objectives of the school Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ is a Catholic all girls voluntary secondary school under the trusteeship of Le Chéile Schools Trust. The purpose of a Le Chéile school is to provide an education that acknowledges and affirms the dignity and uniqueness of every human being as a child of God – “The glory of God is humanity fully alive” (St Irenaeus). It embraces the intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional, social, moral and spiritual growth of each student.

Our school seeks to build a learning community that welcomes, and witnesses to, the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, expressed through the lens of the Le Chéile Charter. The school draws on the richness of the religious and cultural heritage of the past and the charism of the founder Marie Madeline d’Houet of the Faithful Companions of Jesus who founded this school. Our school is committed to creating a place of inclusivity, equality and openness, where people can live with and learn from one another, however diverse our background and experience might be. It does not discriminate on religious grounds and is open to students from diverse backgrounds. It offers educational opportunities which promote excellence so that students can respond responsibly to their own lives, the lives of others and to the earth, which is our common home.

Laurel Hill Secondary School

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