All students are expected to be in full school uniform at all times. This rule also applies during examination time, when students are representing the school and on the way to and from school.

Students wearing the school uniform are representing Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ and in this regard, it is expected that the complete uniform is worn at all times.

  • The school jumper with the traditional style school shirt, white in colour (no logos), is to be worn with the school tie and school socks. The school tie should be visible at all times.
  • The uniform skirt should be at ankle length.
  • Brown/black deck shoes to be worn – no runners, Converse, UGG boots/shoes, canvas shoes, etc.
  • Runners are not part of the school uniform and should only be worn on days where pupils are required to wear their PE uniform and/or are attending a sporting event.
  • In the interest of Health and Safety – jewellery must be kept to a minimum. One pair of stud earrings are permitted. No spacers, bars or hoops are allowed.
  • No facial or body piercings are permitted. Tattoos are to be covered at all times.
  • No extreme hair colours (i.e. hair should be of a natural colour)
  • School hoodies such as TY and/or Ski-Tour garments are not part of the school uniform and are not to be worn when attending school. These garments will be confiscated if worn to school by pupils.
  • Only school jackets are permitted. These jackets can be purchased from Shaw’s Department Store, Crescent Shopping Centre, Limerick.
  • Students are permitted to wear their full PE school uniform for the full school day when attending a school sporting event or when they have a timetabled PE class.
  • Car parking facility is not available to students on the school grounds.

PE Uniform

PE Uniform – available at oneills.com (via the school app)

The PE uniform can be purchased online from O’Neill’s. A link will be posted on the school app for the O’Neill’s website when the uniform is available to buy online.

  • Sports Uniform
  • Hockey uniform – available at So Hockey, Ballycummin Road, Raheen, Limerick
  • School crested top, gumshield, skort, socks.
  • Camogie uniform/gear – available at O’Neills.ie
  • Gumshield, skort, socks, helmet, hurley.

When attending matches during the school day, students have the option of attending school in their full PE uniform. If students are not in their official uniform as requested by the team coach, they will not be permitted to attend the game and parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted.

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